As Prisma is not an entertaining but a sporting event, ENTRANCE TICKETS ARE NOT ISSUED
Instead, participants will fill in a registration form and make up-front payment. Once these steps are done, a confirmed email (applied for online registration) or a confirmed receipt (applied for offline registration) will be delivered. Note that suchCONFIRMATION EMAIL hoặc REGISTRATION FORM ARE TECHNICALLY NOT ENTRANCE TICKETS.

Confirmation email or receipts will be used in exchange for a running kit (package). Participants are only allowed to enter the event if you wear the event T-shirt and have BIB in the front of T-shirt and other requirement from the organizer.

Participants have to pick up your race kit (package) at the location and time which will be appointed by the organizer. Details of time and location for kit collection will be updated on event’s Fanpage or website: at least 2 weeks before event so please ensure to check the latest news frequently.

Notes: (Some points are particularly noteworthy)
- For online registration: in case you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours after registration, please send your information including name, date of birth email, mobile phone and registration number to our email at
- For group registration: the individual receives the confirmation email or registration from will be considered as a representative to get the kit/package for your group.
- For any inquiries or problems, please contact us via Hotline: 0919.327.323


- Wear comfortable clothes for running and have fun.
- Wear comfortable shoes. If you are afraid of power, get the old shoes.
- Do not forget to wear unique accessories to be stand out from the crowd.
- Do not carry valuable and fragile items to prevent loss and damage because the event has no storage area.
- Do not leave phone or valuable stuff inside your Prisma rucksack to avoid pickpockets and bag slitting.
- Prepare waterproof bags for phones and cameras for protection if nessecary.
- Come to the event on time or earlier to join the booth's activation with many freebies and gifts. Also to join the warm up activation before the race start. Let’s have some fun before getting more fun.
- You already know the artists will perform at the concert, right? Then get to know the lyrics well, so you can sing along with them.
- Think outside of the box for more posting styles, as unique and weird as possible to get more cool photos for "showing off" to your friends at home.

For those who already went to Prisma Run, please share your experience for others!

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